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Anthropology Photographic Archive - The University Of Auckland



The Anthropology Photographic Archive database contains images from the Department of Anthropology Photographic Archive, now held in the General Library Special Collections Department at the University of Auckland Library.

The images record Anthropology staff research in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, from 1950 to around 2000. There are approximately 60,000 images in total, ranging from social anthropology in Papua New Guinea and Tokelau, to archaeology in Western Samoa, Tonga and New Zealand.

Most images are freely available online. Images of museum objects and from books are restricted to staff and students at the University of Auckland. A small number of culturally sensitive images are totally restricted to bona fide researchers approved by the Department of Anthropology.

Images remain the property of the photographers, who have given the Library permission to put them online. Some have been made freely available under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence, but for most images the Anthropology Department should be contacted for permission for further use.

The Anthropology Photographic Archive is the result of a joint project between the University Library and the Department of Anthropology to preserve and ensure long-term access to items in this valuable and unique research archive.


Lapita Image, Lapita culture Terra Cotta

Pottery Fragment 1000 B.C. Solomon Islands, Reef Islands Nenumbo site, Lapita culture Terra Cotta; h.3in. (7.5cm).

One of the finest examples of the Lapita potter’s art, this fragment depicts a human face incorporated into the intricate geometric designs characteristic of the Lapita ceramic tradition.

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